5 Types of car ports

Metal carports

The term carport was first coined by Frank Lloyd Wright. He used the term when he stated to a client that A car is not a horse it does not need a barn. Since then car ports have become an essential structure for vehicle owners in protecting their vehicles. For example, it is estimated that about 7 percent of Americans have at least one RV. For these Americans, their car port is where they keep their RVs. Aside from RVs car ports are used in many other types of vehicles, from cars to boats. As such, there are different types of car ports. If you are in the market for car port, here are the different types of car port.

First car ports can be classified into the materials they are made of. As such, car ports can be classified into steel car ports, aluminum car ports and polyester and polyethylene car ports. Metal car ports are the most durable. It also offers the best protection compared to the other two. In fact, when it comes to durability of car ports, metal carports and other similar metal garages or garage buildings are fire proof, earthquake proof and termite proof. They are also highly resistant to other damages from natural causes. Moreover, it is also the environmental choice for many. In fact, steel is sometimes referred to as EnviroMental. This is because metal can be recycled again and again and still retain its superior quality. You might even find it surprising that when it comes to recycling the US recycles more steel annually than aluminum, glass, paper and plastic combined. Aluminum car ports are less durable than the metal carport. It is easy to assemble and light weight. It is cheaper than the metal port but will not last as long. Thus, compared to metal carport, aluminum may seem cheaper but it is actually more expensive because it will not last as long as the metal ones. Polyester and polyethylene carports are the least durable so they are the cheapest. They are only good for areas where the weather is always good and where extreme weather conditions occur.

Aside from the materials, carports can also be classified based on their structure or style. The most common style of carports today are those that have open sides with standard frames. There are also the fully enclosed ones which can also be called metal garages or metal buildings. Then there are A frame which also comes fully enclosed or with open sides. Aside from these common styles of ports, many manufacturers today now offer custom made carports. Customers can therefore create their own style or design. They can choose to have a vehicle port and storage room in one. Some customers even have additional rooms or mezzanine on their ports. The style, and of course size, really depends on the customer although the basic ones are the enclosed and open sides.


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