Affordable Flooring Options You Didnt Know Existed – Money Saving Amanda

There are a variety of types of flooring you can find in a flooring store. Flooring made of cork and rubber are two of the most sought-after, however they are very diverse in their applications.

Rubber: A rubber floor is a great choice for durability. It is the ideal flooring for gyms for kids, playrooms as well as other places that will be exposed to a lot of the pressure. It is also waterproof, and can withstand scuffs and scratches extremely well.

Cork flooring could be damaged more easily than rubber. It’s susceptible to being damaged by sunlight and pets’ claws. Cork floors are also susceptible to damage caused by water.

The floor has many flaws that make it impractical for use by the masses, however it’s still a attractive floor. Cork flooring is eco-friendly since they’re made from wood of a cork tree, which does not need to be removed.

Cork floors may also be polished to take away any imperfections and create a new look. However, the quantity of times they can be removed from the floor is something that a local flooring store will be able to clarify. i3897u1tfe.

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