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If you’re looking for the best news today, you need more than just solid newscasts on television, although WREG News Channel 3 Memphis does offer expanded coverage during the early and mid morning hours, as well multiple broadcasts in the afternoon and early evening. When you’re not in front of your television at home, there may be multiple times during the day when you need the latest online news articles and online news video.

Memphis News Channel 3, a CBS affiliate, has you covered. If you are accessing the news from your desktop, laptop, or even tablet, the channel’s website has an easily accessible “On Air” page that highlights videos that were featured on TV newscasts, organized by the day. This way, if you heard about a particular segment from a friend or family member but were not able to see it personally, you can go back and view it on demand.

For those who can only access the Internet via smartphone or tablet for most of the day, Memphis News Channel 3 also makes a free app available for download, whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. A Severe Weather App is also provided for iOS devices, so that you’re never caught off guard by the latest meteorological news.

The best internet news can often be that which gives online users equal access to the information they get from newscasts. The importance of convenience when getting the latest news cannot be overstated. For those times when sitting in front of the television is simply not an option, choosing the website of a station like Memphis News Channel 3 may be the next best thing.

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