Clay Car Models Are Used In Wind Tunnels – Spokane Events

Modern medicine has a significant contribution to treating sick. Despite modern technology, companies continue to use clay in automobile models. Watch this video to learn what the reasons. If you need auto brake repair, ensure you visit your mechanic.

Designers can use clay models to imagine their ideas in terms of scale right in front of their faces. The malleability of clay also makes changes easy to make right then and there. But, one of the major advantages of a clay model is the fact that tests that are physical can be conducted using it. Numerous cars are able to go through wind tunnels in order to measure drag and resistance to air. Also, downforce is measured. Cars should have an exterior which is clean and doesn’t create drag. Drag can hinder a car’s performance making it slow down and reduce the energy consumption. Prototypes of cars won’t be made available in the development stage. Clay models can serve as a prototype car. It’s less costly than creating an actual prototype during this stage. Plus, changes to the body may be done in a matter of minutes.


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