Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services Helping Individuals Have a Clean Environment

Commercial office cleaning services

The two main places where adults spend the vast majority of their time are at home and the workplace. So, naturally, most people want these places to be as enjoyable as possible. Though some may not enjoy being at work as much as they enjoy being at home, the desire for a comfortable, clean environment is usually equally shared for both places. To have both a clean home and a clean workplace, homeowners and business owners can hire professional commercial cleaning contractors available in their area.

Though a workplace such as an office may appear clean upon a first visit, the reality is that many offices are filled with germs and harmful bacteria. According to surveys, only about 25 percent of those who work in an office believe that their office is being cleaned effectively. With the use of a commercial cleaning checklist, office workers and cleaners alike can quickly identify the problem areas. A mouse and keyboard are found to be the number one place for germs in a given office. On average, office phones have 25,000 bacteria per square inch. Commercial cleaning checklists used by

Homes are intended to be the place where a person feels most comfortable, and cleanliness is essential for comfort. In the United States, residential maid services are the top cleaning service requested by women. For a cleaner home or a cleaner work environment, individuals can find contract commercial cleaning quotes by researching companies in their area. Ger more information on this topic here:

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