Communicating About Politics

Estrategias politicas para ganar una eleccion

If you are going to have a comunicación política, you better be ready to address issues such as those that pertain to social media. Many who have had to deal with comunicación política like Mauricio Jaitt, Mario J Elgarresta, Julie Pizzetti, and Jj rendon have found that at least of Facebook many are likely to engage in comunicación política from the evening hours of nine and ten. Twitter is aware of this, and therefore has a political ad team that is solely focused on that industry. With over a fifth of social media users engaging in some sort of comunicación política with an elected official and candidate on these platforms, it easy to see how a presence for these figures is instrumental in their success. By having comunicación política to get officials elected and garner support for them we are finding a new marketing politico en Mexico strategy that has never been tested before and is now coming upon us. When it comes to branding politico, it seems that the politicians are finding new ways of getting us to know them by utilizing social media sites as their means of getting the word out to the public. We now know a new way of having comunicación política with supporters.

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