Considering a DITY Move?


If you are a military family with a new base assignment, a Do It Yourself, or Dity move, is a voluntary option available to all military personnel in your situation. Instead of the traditional full service military move handled by Uncle Sam from start to finish, a military DITY move sees you handle any and all aspects of said move on your own. The reason people often choose a DITY move over a traditional military moving experience is not only because it allows you to stay in control of the process, but because of the potential to turn a profit as well. If you opt for a DITY move, you can expect a reimbursement check from the government when all is said and done. If the amount of your expenses turns out to be lower than the reimbursement check, you can pocket the difference to use on anything you like. A DITY move calculator, which can be found online for free, can tell you how much you can expect to receive in reimbursements for your given situation.

Since the moving process can be stressful, make sure that you plan your DITY move carefully and well in advance. Remember that DITY move expenses that are not authorized for reimbursement include tow dollies, auto transportation, and any and all meals, lodging, gas, and similar incidental expenses required to get yourself, your family, and your things from point A to point B. Run the numbers and scenarios carefully, and determine whether a DITY move is right for you! See this link for more:

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