Different Window Types – Melrose Painting

There are many windows you have the option to choose among for your home. Each window has its own unique characteristics and will work well in different designs. It’s therefore important that you know your choices. This article will cover the different kinds of windows we can use within this article.

A single-hung glass window is the first type of window. This type of window is separated in the middle with the lower section able to move up and down. One of the advantages of these windows is that they’re low maintenance.

The sliding windows are a different kind and are the same as single-hung windows. They differ in that the windows are able to slide horizontally, instead of vertically. Slider windows are straightforward to repair and permit full venting from top to bottom.

Picture windows are split into six parts. The window has a beautiful style and fits into many different themes. This window can also be constructed with energy efficient glass.

The last window that we’ll talk about is a bay window. This type of window protrudes from the side, creating a view of the surrounding area. They may also have enough space to accommodate seating.

There are four kinds of windows you could choose to use in your decor.


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