Easy Steps to Tackle Moving Stress

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Did you know that, according to Ohio State University professor Dr. Arlen Fulton, moving may very well be “one of the most disruptive events in a child’s life”? Divorce, torn relationships, failing careers, and sick family members typically motivate long distance moves. It is no wonder, then, that moving can put an incredible amount of stress on all members of the family. What are some simple tips to keep moving relatively stress-free?

Pack Ahead, and Pack Smart

Packing can easily creep up on homeowners who save it until the very last minute. Packing ahead affords homeowners a greater number of options, keeps stress levels low, and can even save homeowners a considerable amount of money. How? Packing ahead, and with plenty of time to spare, allows movers to sort through belongings. Unused items can be donated to charity, or homeowners can even host a yard or garage sale to help save up for any unexpected spending. Either way, moving companies often charge by weight or, at the very least, by the size of moving trucks, and moving less will cost less money.

Individuals or families moving on a budget may also want to consider non-traditional, self service moves. How do self service moves work? Moving companies drop off a portable storage container, and allow homeowners to pack the container at their leisure. From there, residents can call the moving company, and companies will move full containers to customers’ new homes. These moves afford homeowners the freedoms of packing and arrange fragile items exactly how they want them, and self-service moves typically cost less than standard moves.

Download a Moving App

Having trouble tearing yourself away from your latest smartphone or tablet? There are a variety of mobile moving applications that can be used to help organize and finance moves. Most applications are likely to include home moving checklists (typically including a list of items to pack), a directory for important phone numbers, free moving estimates and quotes, moving distance calculators, note fields, and much more. Movers can use a convenient mobile application to track moving expenses, keep tabs on packing progress, and help choose a reliable moving company.

Moving often comes with a considerable amount of stress. Reign in moving stress by packing ahead, donating items to move less and save money, and downloading convenient mobile applications to record moving expenses. Visit here for more information: mymovingchecklist.net

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