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The area must be extended over. The gutters can be set in different sizes based on how much room you have between your roofline and eaves of your home. If you’re living with a pitched roof with a 2 story house, then you may want gutters placed at the valley or peak of your roof.

Buy a backflow tester

The term “Backflow Testing” refers to testing the water supply system. It ensures no water is wasted and that all wastewater gets properly treated prior to it entering the drinking water we drink. One of the main reasons you should test your water supply system is because it can help keep you from getting serious illness like Legionnaires disease.

A backflow monitor is a special device that’s used in this home maintenance project. The devices are positioned in the middle of the pipe which supplies your home with water. The meter measures the volume and the pressure of water flowing through it when water is pumped across the pipe. After the measurements have been taken and measured against a standard. If the results are below the threshold, this means there could be an area of leakage in the pipe.

Each six-month period You should be checking the supply of water to your house. But, if you observe changes regarding the colour or smell of the water you drink, get in touch with a professional right away.

Look for Pool Leaks

It’s likely that you’ve heard the word pool leak but what exactly is it?

An issue with a pool is when water seeps into the pool from the outside. This can happen through cracks, or any other damage to the surface surrounding the pool. This could be the result of rainstorms that are heavy or tree roots or plumbing leaks. If neglected, may cause damage to the pool liner which can cost you many dollars.

Finding out the reason for your pool leakage is the first method to rectify it. Look for indicators of loss of water before you commence repairs to your pool.


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