Getting the Best Coverage from Your Local News Provider

Whether they’re consciously trying to pick a favorite or not, it seems that most people who live in one place for long enough eventually settle on which local news source is their absolute favorite. I’ve found that residents of Connecticut, after they’e had some time to experiment, overwhelmingly tend to prefer Eyewitness News Channel 3 CT above any other local news source.

Whey is it that people here so often prefer News Channel 3 CT? Is it just that News Channel 3 weather coverage is so consistently accurate, and so clearly presented? Is it that New Channel 3 CT offers such quick and reliable reports on breaking national news? Is it that their local coverage is so thorough and well tailored to local concerns? Is it the gusto and depth of News Channel 3 CT’s sports coverage? Or is it the timely, and often juicy, celebrity and entertainment gossip that you can find in its own category on News Channel 3 CT’s web site?

The truth, it seems, is all of the above. Local News Channel 3 has a way of winning viewers’ loyalty over years and years of consistent reporting, and with its accessible approach. Not everyone wants to have to troll several different news outlets to feel like they have a complete picture of current events, and News Channel 3 CT gives Connecticut residents a way to feel that they have a single news source they can turn to for truly complete coverage.

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