How Can Art Be Therapeutic for People Who’ve Suffered Trauma? – Art Magazines Online

span style=”color:#000000″>Traumatic events can include natural disasters, accidents, physical or sexual abuse, war, or other types of violence. Trauma can cause long-term and grave emotional and mental damage for a person’s mental as well as physical health. It can also affect the capacity of an individual to control and deal with life.
A condition called Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD) is among the most prevalent mental conditions which can be caused by trauma. Its symptoms PTSD can include flashbacks, in which the individual relives the traumatizing event, avoidance, when the individual tries to avoid situations or people that remind they were there the event; as well as hyperarousal, in that the person becomes easily shocked and struggles with controlling their emotions. These signs can cause significant problems in the day-to-day life of an individual and the ability of them to be successful with others and in work or school.

Different types of trauma

Cancer is a stressful and difficult experience for individuals and their families. Cancer diagnosis can cause a variety of emotionsthat include anxiety, terror, and grief. The treatment process can involve surgical procedures or chemotherapy as well as radiation and can be physical as well as emotionally demanding. Stress and trauma can be added to by the uncertainty and inexorability that comes with the diagnosis. There are books for caregivers of cancer.


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