How Roofers Install a Roof – Awkward Family Photos

His video describes how roofers set up an asphalt composition roofing shingle.

Put a drip edge along the roof’s eaves. The edges are the most vulnerable part of the roof to leaks and water damage, and the drip edge will help ensure good drainage. In order to keep the drip edge secure, it is bent, then cut so that it fits precisely around the edges of the roof. Nails are positioned every 12-16 inches.

Then comes the felt. It’s a protective coating that helps keep temperatures cool and comfortable at home, and the water from getting out. The felt is rolled before being covered with caps made of plastic. The roof crest is covered by an additional layer of felt that’s applied to each side.

The starter strip is erected and the shingles are then attached. The starter strip is a further shield for the roofing edges, and the shingles are installed over the top of the roof to provide full coverage.

To learn more, check out the above video.


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