How to Avoid Chimney Fires

Long island chimney repair

In Great Britain, it is considered a good omen if a bride sees a chimney sweep on her wedding day. One can almost imagine a frenzied bride desperately seeking out the perfect, ash covered orphan to bless her union. The concept of a chimney sweep might seem outdated, something associated with Victorian literature and child labor. It is still a necessary profession, however, and duct cleaning Long Island sweeps are still available today to keep ducts and chimneys tidy.

Using a fireplace for home heating offers many advantages. To begin with, it will almost certainly cut down on the heating bill. A warm fireplace is also naturally inviting, adding a rustic yet classic element to any home. Additionally, a home fireplace has more esoteric uses, like roasting marshmallows even in the winter months, or using fireplace ash as a natural antidote to the spray of a skunk. A hearty fire adds warmth to the room, literally and figuratively, but the mood can be dampened when the living room begins filling with acrid smoke. Duct cleaning long island services can prevent this, which is why regular chimney maintenance is necessary. For more serious cases there is also Long island chimney repair. Duct cleaning Long Island businesses exist to help with these very tasks.

Chimney cleaning Long Island workers will tell you that creosote is a significant concern for any home chimney. Chimney fires are preventable, however, if steps are taken to prevent the buildup of creosote. When it comes to duct cleaning Long Island chimneys are particularly vulnerable to creosote buildup due to the cooler climate. If a chimney is colder than normal, creosote is more likely to accumulate. Using unseasoned wood is another factor that can lead to the accumulation of creosote. Duct cleaning New York workers need to account for and combat these special circumstances, and chimney sweep Long Island based businesses are still working today, despite a noted lack of soot covered Dickensian ragamuffins.

In order to combat creosote and continue enjoying a home fireplace, duct cleaning Long Island sweeps operate to clear restricted airflow in chimneys, another major contributing factor to creosote residue and in turn chimney fires. Duct cleaning Long Island chimneys regularly will remove built up creosote and prevent future deposits with the increased airflow. Professional duct cleaning Long Island services will help a fireplace operate more efficiently and greatly reduce the risk of fire.


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