How to Keep Wall-to-Wall Carpet Clean During Home Renovations – Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge

Vice is for specific tasks. The best method is to clean first with a brush and afterwards vacuum up the dirt. You can use an attachment such as a foot scrubber that comes with long bristles on one side, and shorter bristles on the opposite to reach areas of dirt that build up over long periods of.

If you can, opt for an upright vacuum cleaner in place of a hand-held one because these are more powerful and also less likely to put strain on joints while cleaning under things like chairs or tables in spaces that are tight where dust is likely to build up more often.

Guard Exposed Areas of the Wall-to-Wall carpet

Plastic or tarps with protection can be used to cover the exposed regions of carpet. Utilize duct tape for securing the carpet to the flooring, then place a furniture piece for covering the carpet. Additionally, you could use boxes, posters, and even tablecloths as temporary covers if you have the space within your home. These two methods are able to be utilized simultaneously. Put a container on the open area, then protect it using plastic or tarps.

Another approach to keeping your carpet in good condition is to use plastic or tarps with tape to protect carpet corners and edges. Some of these supplies are available at hardware and flooring stores. If you’re planning on working on your flooring, you must be sure to cover areas of carpet to prevent dirt from getting under the carpet in renovations.

You should also cover any exposed areas around doorways that pets may pass through during the walks or run around in the yard. Also protect areas of high use, such as the entryway, where the workmen or visitors are entering or going out.

Spray Products? Use exhaust fans

You should ensure that you possess a top spray paint brand if contractor for wall repainting uses it.


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