Keep BYOD Systems Safe, and Avoid Data Free-For-Alls


Did you know that as many as 65 million Americans have smartphones, and smartphone and tablet use makes up a staggering 44% of all global computing? These statistics are changing the way people do business. Today, companies encourage, and sometimes even require, employees to bring their own device, and put it to work-related use. Many companies, however, are blind to the risks this may involve. How can companies and employees enjoy the freedoms of BYOD systems, while maintaining company integrity? What are important questions to ask before implementing BYOD in the workplace?

What Are the Risks?

More than a third of employees, currently taking advantage of bring your own device (BYOD) programs, reveal that their employees do very little, and sometimes even nothing, to encrypt and otherwise protect company data. The unfortunate reality is that, once cloud computing and BYOD became even somewhat mainstream, many businesses jumped right into it, without exploring valid IT and security concerns.

By allowing employees to bring in, and use, their own device to get work done, companies are exposing themselves to the possibilities of loss, theft, malfunction, and job abandonment. All of these cases may require remote wiping of data, which is just about impossible without any form of mobile device management. Devices put to business use, but without any management and security, are also highly susceptible to viruses, trojans, spyware, and more. Even with these risks, the popularity of BYOD in the workplace continues to steadily increase, with at least one-fifth of all iPad users working on their devices, according to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey. Even school districts are picking up the BYOD trend.

How Can Companies Curb Risks and Costs?

Mobile device management, including iphone security and iphone management, keeps BYOD risks and costs at bay. Cisco research reveals that employees spend an average of 37 more minutes working on their own devices. With increases in employee productivity and satisfaction, it is not difficult to see why companies adopt BYOD systems. Companies can ensure that company data remains safe, however, by choosing the right iPhone management software. What can this software accomplish?

Mobile device management manages anti-virus and security programs, encrypts and protects company data, monitors certain data, and sometimes allows companies to remotely wipe data in the event of loss, theft, or an employee leaving the company.

BYOD systems benefit just about everyone. Make the most of these benefits, without putting company data and systems at risk. Use mobile device management, including iPhone management systems, to maintain BYOD systems, and continue to offer employees greater freedoms.

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