Protecting Your Trees From Ash Borers

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The emerald ash borer has become a sizable nuisance to small backyard landscaping, but it does not have to put a damper on your future landscape design ideas. Unfortunately the Asian beetle can infest and kill an ash tree within 2 to 4 years of its arrival if left unchecked. The little green beetle is an invasive species that arrived around 2002, from its natural habitat in Russia and Asia. When the ash borer enters its larval stage, it drills holes in the bark, thus disrupting the flow of nutrients to the tree and resulting in the eventual death of the tree.

Since the beetle arrived, it is estimated that 150 to 200 million ash trees, out of 8 billion in North American, have died due to the beetles. In certain situations, a preventative regimen or an emerald ash borer treatment may protect trees for about two years if sprayed or injected with specific chemicals at the base of the tree. Whether you are looking for a do it yourself method or a certified arborist to help you, you can find local resources for ash borer control with some fairly simple preliminary research.

Word of mouth referrals from friends and neighbors might be the quickest way to find experts, but you can also look for online reviews of local landscaping companies that treat ash borer disease. There are many third-party websites which provide feedback and comments from customers that have successfully saved or maintained their ash trees. Use these reviews, combined with research from their individual company websites, to narrow down the list of potential companies to talk to concerning available treatments and their successes.

The next step in treatment probably requires a landscaping expert to examine your trees on your property. They will be able to do an onsite assessment to see if there is evidence of ash borers in your trees and neighboring areas or to document any damage that has already occurred. From there, they can give you a quote for treatments and a potential timeline to get started. As you compare different quotes you can make a final decision based on their success rates, customer service, and your level of damage. Once treatment has started, they can even help you focus on future landscape design ideas. Read this for more:

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