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Trying to market your website? Consider looking into a free article directory. These are sites that allow anyone to submit articles into a collection of written material. These articles can be about various, non-related topics, and they are free for anyone’s viewing. Some of these directories are considered content farms, in which mass quantities about a particular topic. Other directories are based on churnalism, where press releases and wire stories are reproduced without fact checking and further research.

These free article sites accept submissions of about 400-500 words and these pieces are checked for originality and content. They even provide an area for the author to include information about him or herself, and a link to a personal website. This helps increase the traffic flow on a website, thereby pushing a person’s site up in search engine rankings. This might make people think that by submitting their article on every free article directory will ultimately result in the best search engine results. This is not necessarily the case because search engines have ways of filtering spam and redundant articles. It would be more beneficial to find niches and content area sites to submit your content.

You can embed links in your content that lead back to your site, which is called link building. The more links you provide, the greater the chance that your site will be visited. Search engine optimizers, also known as SEO experts, use this strategy to help companies build traffic on their websites to generate profit. They find relevant keywords to create links that draw a reader into clicking on them. These hyperlinks often must have readable anchor texts embedded in the hyperlink. This gives the reader an idea of where the link is taking them. The words in an anchor text can determine their ranking on search engines.

Using a free article directory is one way get your content read or your website seen. Free articles also help a viewer who wants to find information about any topic, so it becomes a win-win situation. Readers will be looking for pieces that give them information and also a way to find out more about the topic. This can be the best way for you to market your website. It would be worth it to find free article directories that match your site’s content so that you are not competing with thousands of articles on a general directory. Locate your own niche and put up content that will draw the reader to your website.

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