Syracuse News Channel 3

Want to make sure that you stay up to speed on everything going on in Central New York State and the surrounding areas? If so, Syracuse News Channel 3 is the station for you. Eyewitness News Channel 3 features updates and information about everything happening in Syracuse, NY, as well as the hottest headlines from everywhere around the United States, and around the globe. Whether you want to get updates on sports, politics, or local events, Syracuse News Channel 3 is the TV news destination for you.

Before you head out the door to head to work or to bring your kids to school, you should make sure to find out about the Channel 3 News weather update. Getting the Syracuse News Channel 3 weather report can help you decide whether or not to grab your umbrella, your sunglasses, or your warm winter gloves before hitting the road in the morning. Do not skip out on the Syracuse News Channel 3 weather report; you will regret it if you do not dress appropriately!

Looking for fun things to do in central New York state? Syracuse News Channel 3 can help you find out about lots of great places to visit and fun events to take part in. You might hear about the Fort Rickey Zoo in Rome, NY on Syracuse News Channel 3, just a few short minutes’ drive down I 90 from lovely Syracuse. Pet some lovely baby goats with your young ones, let your kids touch a friendly and tame boa constrictor, or even a porcupine, and learn about beautiful wolves during the wolf presentation. Fort Rickey Childrens Discovery Zoo is the perfect place to visit if you want to give your kids a fun, educational, memorable afternoon that they will be chattering about for months to come.

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