Talk Shows on the Radio Cover More Than Just Sports and Politics

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Unless you are an avid sports fan, then sports talk radio stations probably do not provide the most optimal radio entertainment for you. Even if they do, most listeners, more than 75% in fact, change the radio station they listen to several times each day, according to First Digital Audio Advertising research. Personally, I am a fan of a good food talk show. There are so many things that food talk radio show can cover, and here are just three topics that you can look for.

  1. A food talk show can give you ideas for getting healthy.
  2. Did you know that at 1,520 calories, the Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six burger is the most unhealthy burger you could possibly eat? If you have ever considered trying a new and healthier type of diet, such as vegetarian, paleo, or even raw, there are talk shows that zero in on those diets and explain how you can enjoy a change in how you eat. Raw food talk shows will share the latest news on the health benefits, easy recipes, and techniques for incorporating more raw food into your diet.

  3. A food talk show can tell you the latest news and fun trivia.
  4. From the latest food-borne illness outbreaks, to that hamburger that was just created in a lab, and the new newly discovered medical condition where ingesting too much yeast results in self-fermentation in the gut, food talk shows can cover all of the latest news. Some shows focus on sharing fun facts. For example, did you know that Betty Crocker was a fictional character invented by General Mills in 1920 for marketing? If you love to learn about everything related to food, then tune into a food-themed talk show.

  5. A food talk show can help you find new places to eat.
  6. Most families in America, about 44% according to Statistic Brain, will go out to a restaurant at least once every week. There are more than 160,000 fast food establishments to choose from in the United States, so if you want to eat out, it helps to get recommendations and reviews from specialized radio shows. Even if you cannot find a radio show that only reviews restaurants, you can catch recommendations from more generally themed food shows.

Whatever your food interest area is, be it recipes, news, facts and trivia, or the latest and greatest new restaurant in your city, radio talk shows can fill you in. Some stations online will provide different genres of talk show to choose from, and other websites are fully focused on food talk. Just hop online and you could be learning more about how that lab-grown hamburger tasted, or discovering a new restaurant in your area that is worth a visit.

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