The Benefits and Technology of CNG – Car Talk Podcast

Sed Natural Gas (CNG) technique and how it can be helpful.

Compressed Natural Gas, a gas that burns efficiently within cars, can also be extensively used. It is made of methane. It’s used in light-duty vehicle like buses, vans, passenger cars and so on. CNG engines release less pollutants as compared to other forms of fuel such as gasoline, and are also more efficient.

CNG vehicles have various tank types. The tanks include steel, lines of steel and plastic liner tanks and steel, carbon, or aluminum wrapped tanks. The tanks store natural gas and feeds it into high-pressure cylinders using an air pressure regulator that will reduce the gas’s pressure to a manageable level to the engine.

If there is an overpressure or extreme temperatures, the tank will release tension into the air which keeps it cool. Inside the pressure release is a heating disc that has been which is designed to explode at a pressure of 1,500 psi as well as temperature at or above 250degF. The engine is prevented from burning. Motorists favor CNG since it’s clean cheap, local, and plentiful. CNG is also less expensive. This is why motorists can save on fuel.


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