Three Tips for Buying Flowers from Minneapolis Florists

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Did you know that the top four holidays for buying flowers are Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and Easter? The majority of flowers bought for Easter are lilies, and almost fifty million poinsettias are bought during the Christmas season, and most of them are red. Floral sales in 2011 topped 32 billion in sales.

A great thing about the internet is that it now allows people to send flowers from all over the world. Even if you cannot be with someone for a holiday or birthday, you can send them a thoughtful bouquet of flowers, complete with card. Of course, flowers still make a good in person gift and nice surprise as well. What are some tips for buying flowers from Minneapolis florists?

One, try to find out the flower the person likes. Many people appreciate roses, but not everyone. My personal favorite is the daffodil, and if someone takes the time to find that out before selecting a bouquet, I am truly impressed. Another thing to consider is less traditional flowers, which are especially perfect for unique individuals. If your boyfriend is an artist, Minneapolis florists tiger lilies might be his thing.

Two, look for flowers Minneapolis that are fresh. Be wary of deals on flowers, because often, the cheapest flowers minneapolis florists are selling are the ones that are about to wilt and turn brown, if the process is not starting already. Sometimes this can be an okay choice if you happened to spot them on the way home and figured it was a nice way to spend five dollars. If the occasion is something important, however, like an anniversary or birthday, take a pass on the old flowers. Good florists st. paul mn should always have something fresh on hand.

Three, make sure the flowers fit the occasion. There is no need to break out a big book of archaic flower traditions, especially seeing as some are just silly. If your partner has the favorite color yellow, giving yellow roses will not necessarily indicate all you want is friendship. if you need to buy funeral flowers Minneapolis florists, a wise choice is flowers more muted in color, and certainly nothing too crazy. It is ideal for the flowers to come pre arranged in a vase and possibly tied with a ribbon so that the grieving family does not need to take time to mess around with it.

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