What Are the Different Types of Lawyer Jobs?

Which are the examples of various lawyer types? There is one such difference: the medical malpractice lawyer. People who engage medical malpractice attorneys have typically suffered an injury to their own due to a medical professional’s error. These attorneys are responsible for any injury caused by negligence, improper treatment in the treatment, a faulty procedure, or incorrect diagnosis. The malpractice attorney may also act as a negligent attorney representing healthcare professionals when claims of negligence are brought against them. They typically are employed directly by the medical facility where the professional works.
Military Lawyer

A military lawyer, also called a Judge Advocate General (JAG) is comparable to general practice attorneys as they defend military people in both civil and criminal cases. They’re concerned with legal aspects of the military, civil as well as international laws. Lawyers prepare clients for trial , and create documentation as well as keep current military handbooks they also handle technical writing and also assist with their clients’ preparation.

Attorney to protect Intellectual Property

Attorneys for Intellectual Property (IP) safeguard and enforce the rights of inventors, authors and artists, companies, and many other creators. IP law encompasses copyrighting patenting, trademarking, and safeguarding trade secrets for tangible and intangible items like brand names, slogansor other symbols. The primary duties of lawyers in this area are to assist clients in protecting their intellectual property. They assist clients in protecting their intellectual property through signing trademark registrations or copyright registration or patent. Thirdly, they help to ensure that intellectual property rights protected against infringement.

Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights attorneys represent individuals who’ve experienced civil rights violated or violated by the agency or government. People are often discriminated against caused by race, gender or religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.


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