What to Know About the Costs of, Procedure for, and Recovery from Breast Augmentation

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Breasts are extremely important to women; arguably, they are probably more important to women than they are to men. Subsequently, women spend $16 billion on bras ever year. According to the NY Times, more than 300,000 breast augmentations are performed annually in the United States to give women the perfect breasts they want.

For most women, seeking breast implant procedures is about confidence. Consider, a woman’s breasts will change shape and size at least six times over her lifetime. For many women, this leads to them feeling less attractive. Other women never develop the breasts that they’ve always wanted. The reason why women grow breasts and men do not has to do with the hormone estrogen. Women begin developing prominent breasts during puberty due to a high level of estrogen that men lack. However, for some women, their hormone levels are not enough to grant them the full chest they desire.

If you are one of thousands of women looking into breast augmentation, whether because of natural changes or a lack of size, their is some important breast augmentation information you need to consider, both for before and after the procedure.

What Are the Costs of the Procedure?
Breast implant costs vary based on surgeon fees, the facility where you have the procedure done, and the type of implant used. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation costs average $3,453. You should know that insurance will not cover breast augmentation as it is considered an elective procedure.

What is the Breast Augmentation Procedure?
The exact procedure, costs, and risks that you will face will need to be discussed with your board certified plastic surgeon. Each procedure will vary based on particular needs, body type, and any health conditions you may have. The type of implant used and whether the implant is placed over or under the pectoral muscle, for example, will depend on what your doctor thinks is best for you.

What is Recovery from Breast Augmentation Like?
As with any surgery, recovery from breast augmentation depends on your individual circumstances. Common risks that complicate recovery from breast augmentation include capsular contraction, a condition where scar tissue forms around the breast implant. As the ASPS writes, recovery from breast augmentation should include 24 to 48 hours of recovery and some extra time where you will need to reduce your activity level. If there are any complications, like capsular contraction, your doctor can educate you on exactly what needs to happen to improve your recovery from breast augmentation.

If you are considering having a breast augmentation procedure, be sure to keep the costs of, procedure for, and recovery from breast augmentation in mind. Doing so you can be prepared, physically, mentally, and financially. See more: moraitisplasticsurgery.com

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