What You Didn’t Know About Social Security Disability – American Personal Rights

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For any questions regarding SSDI or SSI If you’re dealing with SSDI and SSI, ensure that you consult an attorney from the social security department. If you’re wondering what separates these two types of security one thing you should know is that SSDI is for those who have contributed to social security via regular income, whereas SSI doesn’t require someone to have been employed in order to qualify.

SSI attorneys are available to help you get supplemental security income benefits. The amount you receive is determined by your income and your current assets. You don’t need to worry about having an employment history that shows you put money into the system in order to be eligible. The only requirement is to demonstrate your condition by providing medical evidence.

To qualify to receive SSI, an individual should not be in possession of more than $2000 in assets available for disposal. Consult a lawyer regarding social security now to ensure that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.


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