When Should Your Smartphone Be Repaired by a Professional?

How to fix a phone with water damage

Are you among the nine percent of iPhone owners who have dropped their phone in a toilet? Or maybe you have accidentally dropped it and severely cracked the screen? There are ways you can fix your iPhone yourself. A cracked screen repair kit and replacement screens can be purchased to help make your phone screen look as good as new, and placing your phone in a bag of rice can help offset minor water damage. There are instances, however, where the damage is too serious. If this happens, you will need to get your cell phone professionally repaired. Professional cell phone repairs will guarantee that your iPhone is completely fixed and in perfect, working order, which is something that at home remedies cannot promise.

A water damaged cell phone is a serious matter, as getting water in your iPhone can completely destroy its components. Water damage can be common, though, as five percent of iPhone owners have put their phone through the wash, and 12 percent have spilled alcohol on their phones. Turning your iPhone off and placing it in a bag of rice is a common DIY method of repair, but this does not always guarantee success. When a cell phone finds itself covered or submerged in water, the water makes its way into every hole and crack the iPhone has, meaning the water damage could be deeper than you think. The only way to be completely sure that the electronics within the phone have not been severely damaged is to seek professional cell phone repairs. They will take your phone apart, dry all the components, and inspect every little piece inside of it to make sure the water has not completely destroyed them.

A cracked screen is much harder to repair on your own, so professional cell phone repairs may be needed in this instance as well. Although 16 percent of iPhone disasters occur in the bathroom, these incidents do not always involve a phone dropping in the toilet. A cracked screen can simply be a result of your phone falling out of your pocket. While repair kits and replacement screens are available, they may not guarantee perfect results. In addition, a cracked screen may also go deeper into the phone, causing more damage you are not aware of. A phone repair shop can not only make your screen look brand new, but it can also fix any additional damages that may have occurred as a result of your cracked screen.

If your phone is damaged, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. If you have tried fixing it yourself to no avail, professional cell phone repairs may be needed. Since 40 percent of smartphone owners compare prices while in various stores, some find it important to have their phones on them at all times. Repair shops will make sure your phone is returned to you in working order so that you can continue using it in important and convenient situations.

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