Why NEMA Power Cords Wont Work In Other Countries –

You can work elsewhere. It’s essential to make sure the use of your electronic equipment in a safe way. NEMA defines the norms for all kinds of electrical cords as well as connectors. Most NEMA cords work only in North America. You can see why these cords aren’t working elsewhere in this video.
The different plugs and standards were created by different countries across the globe, not following the US standard. Standards for voltages differ across countries. While the USA employs 110 volts Europe utilizes 220 volts as well as 220 volts and 230 the volts. Some African nations use 240 volts. The function of the cord as well as the amount of weight it could take are determined by the amps, voltage and outlets.
It is clearly illustrated by C19 and C20 power cables. They’re rated at around 20 Amps within North America and 16 in other nations. They are able to handle only 250 volts of load. The power supply is not able to function in places with a voltage lower than 250V. Connecting a 125V 15Amps adapter to a supply unit with a voltage of 250V is dangerous because the appliance may become exploding. s1yioglzl3.

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