Wrought Iron Decorations Can Bring a Rustic Feel to Your Home

Cedar log bed

So many people love the rugged look and feel of wrought iron decorations and accessories. You may love spending a lot of time outdoors and love to accentuate your landscaping with these types of decorations, as well as rustic furniture.

Rustic furniture and wrought iron decorations have a long, rich history. Previously, this type of furniture, including cabin furniture, was made from whatever natural material as available in the greatest supply. These pieces were often crafted by poor people to be traded for food or cash. Log furniture and rustic furniture was also associated with the Great Depression and other such difficult times in the United States. Interestingly, a house at 184 38th Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the oldest known log house that has continually served as a residence in any major American City.

The log cabins and homes of today are designed and built for comfort and luxury, yet the underlying designs are still meant to display the hardships of the Northern Frontier experience in the 1800s. Many of these modern log homes use accents such as wrought iron decorations or copper decorations that accentuate this rustic look.

When considering building your own log home, you may want to have your builder present different building plans. He can help you design a home, complete with wrought iron decorations that will fit right in with the natural surroundings of the land. You can also find an interior designer that can help you bring the look of the outdoors into your home. This can include hickory log furniture, rustic barn wood furniture, as well as those wrought iron decorations.

Your exterior can also include wonderful cabin themed furniture and accessories. You can find all sorts of outdoor furniture and wrought iron decorations that will highlight all the features of your great outdoor living spaces.

When you are ready to build your new home, gather all the professionals together to discuss how you want our final house to look. Make sure that these custom builders and designers know that you want those wrought iron decorations and outdoor furniture and accessories to show of your individuality and ruggedness.

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