Treating RSD With Hyperbaric Oxygen

Written by News Channel 3 on December 8, 2013. Posted in Chronic lyme disease treatment, Necrosis of the jaw, Rsd treatment centers

Radiation necrosis treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can increase the oxygen capacity of your blood, enabling novel treatments as a benefit. Multiple health issues like chronic fatigue syndrome, RSD and Lyme disease have been successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen treatments. It consists of a sealed high pressure environment that provides increased oxygen to the body and therapeutic high pressure compressive effects down to the cellular level. To receive hyperbaric oxygen treatments, you will be entering a pressure chamber where pure oxygen is administered.

Historically, the hyperbaric oxygen treatments were developed as a restorative therapy for diving accidents and decompression sicknesses, but today the therapy treatments have proven to be effective for RSD treatments and Continue Reading | No Comments