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Right. Sure. Womens camo bathing suits. Sure. Well, in fact, camo has become very fashionable. We are all familiar with the camouflage for hunters and the military. Camouflage was developed during the 19th century when the range and accuracy of firearms improved, and the military need a way to hide themselves, or at the very least blend in to their environment. During World War I, the German Air Force concealed its planes by painting blotches of color on the wings, as well as irregular polygons along the fuselages. These were probably not piloted by girls wearing womens camo bathing suits. The tan and brown pattern of desert camo was developed in 1962 during the Arab and Israeli conflicts. However, it was not used often until the Gulf War.

The idea of camouflage has intrigued zoologists and biologists for more than a century. Animals use camouflage in different ways, such as color changes, disruptive colorations and countershading. For example, Arctic foxes change from dark to light depending on the season, dark in the summer and white in the winter.

Now, it is probably not to go unnoticed that womens camo bathing suits were created. They were probably created so that women would actually draw more attention. Pink camo womens camo bathing suits are sure to draw the eye.

There are plenty of other camo options that are not hunting or military based, along with these womens camo bathing suits. You can find camo baby bedding for the baby who may want to snuggle unseen. There is even camo formal wear, and camo wedding garb. Camo wedding ideas have become increasing popular among couples who may be hunting enthusiasts, or just want a very unique wedding.

As we mentioned, womens camo bathing suits are becoming increasingly popular. You may be thinking that except for that pink one, all these womens camo bathing suits will be the usual black, greens, and browns. But not true. Womens camo bathing suits can come in a variety of colors including those pinks and purples, as well as reds and other bright colors. Womens camo bathing suits are not really about the color, but rather about the very interesting pattern.

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  1. I am actually planning a camo themed wedding, complete with camouflage cake and everything.

  2. I am actually planning a camo themed wedding, complete with camouflage cake and everything.

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