Find Your Favorite Team Building Songs Now

Team building songs

You are an independent office worker, driven to meet any challenge and motivated to succeed. You work in a cubicle all day, keeping to yourself and your work. These are great qualities, but they are missing an even more important one. Teamwork.

When you consider the best corporate team building activities, the best answer might be to sing about it. Singing team building songs can help you break out of your individualized shell and realize who they you in relation to the rest of the unit. Here are five reasons that team building songs can build a stronger, more reliable team within any office environment.

1. Creating true teamwork in an office, or even in sports or music for that matter, takes time. Relationships must be nurtured like seeds in order to grow into blossoming and fruitful partnerships. While these cannot be developed too quickly or forced, a set of team building songs can allow the space needed for creativity to bloom, both musically and professionally.

2. So why music? Studies have shown that the more legitimate fun coworkers can enjoy with each other, the more naturally their connections begin to form. Singing team building songs can be light enough to seem playful, but yet still heavy enough to draw real inspiration from.

3. If you work in a large office and do not know many coworkers, team building exercises can help tear down these cold, impersonal walls and begin to form real relationships. Sing a rousing set of team building songs with a relative stranger and you will both share a deep experience, a great foundation to build a friendship upon. These team building activities can help boost morale by boosting personalization.

4. Many corporate systems have been singing the praises of team building songs and other intimate group activities because of their proven successes. Some companies have even begun implementing group exercises into their basic training regiment. That sounds like a little old thing we could call harmony.

5. When searching for corporate event ideas, pick a program that will really strike a chord. Team building songs are based in music, which is really ingrained in our beings from the time we are born, though we might not know it. Some of the basic intervals of Western music can be found in the cries of newborns, found one study. That deep, meaningful connection can be tapped into to help your office reach its potential.


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  1. Great piece! I had no idea this was a thing. Definitely gonna look into that for our next office workshop.

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