Five Facts About Water Coolers

Plumbed water coolers

The term water cooler has been used as a metaphor for a place coworkers can come together to talk or gossip. The point of use water cooler and other water coolers and typically used for community water supply to keep harmful chemicals out of the drinking water. These harmful chemicals could be anything from sanitation to bacteria.

Bottleless water coolers, which are plumbed directly into the water supply of a building, allowing water to be processed through a filtration system and then chilled or heated, can help prevent waste and keep water supplies clean and free of additives. It is recommended that 32 ounces of water, or approximately eight glasses, be drank daily. Doing so not only keeps a person hydrated, but studies have shown those who do not drink enough water have increased fat deposits.

Filtered water coolers and bottleless water dispensers can provide safe, clean water to consumers without producing piles of plastic that can be harmful to the environment. Bottleless water coolers can be purchased in a number of sizes and can either be freestanding or rest on the counter. Botteless water coolers do the same job as bottled water. They both start with municipal or city water that is then filtered and bottled. Bottleless water coolers just cut out the plastic waste. More research here:

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