Flooring Strong Enough to Last the Work Day

Diamond polish concrete

Polished concrete floors can be put to use just about anywhere, including airports, hotels, schools, factories and event centers. Any where that you need a strong floor to deal with heavy traffic flow, you can have it. Polished concrete floors are resistant to tire marks from fork lifts and other work related vehicles that maybe in doors.

A polished concrete floor is created by sanding over top of a normal concrete poor with even finer grits of diamond grinders. The process of diamond concrete polishing is just about dust free and it actually increases the durability of the concrete floor.

Polishing concrete floors eliminates costly maintenance caused by “concrete dusting” where dust particles rise to the surface of the concrete and ruin the epoxy finish. Concrete grinding costs are worth it, so you can avoid this reoccurring costly maintenence.

You may be wondering how do you clean polished concrete floors? It is easier than cleaning most floors and can last years with the appropriate maintenance.

In spite of the concrete grinding cost being low, there are lots of ways to make your concrete floors unique and beautiful. For example, there are many items that you can add to the mixture to create texture, including, but not limited to, glass pieces, nails, or computer chips. Your polished concrete floor will not just look like a boring old sidewalk, it will be a work of art that no one will believe is made out of concrete.

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