Heavy Stitch Jeans Have Interesting History

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Levi’s are some of the world’s most popular jeans. Made out of heavy cotton twill fabric, Levis are long wearing jeans. Cotton twill fabric is one of the most durable fabrics, as proven by the pair of oldest jeans that are still in existence today that date back to 1879. There is also a painting in existence with the first depiction of blue jeans, painted by an unknown Italian painter back in the 17th Century. It did take a while for blue jean Levis to become popular with the public though. In fact, it was James Dean and Marlon Brando that made the Levi’s popular with the masses. That is because they both wore them in their movies,”Rebel Without a Cause” which James Dean acted in, and “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando.

The idea for heavy stitch jeans with copper rivets was the idea of Jacob Davis. He did not have the money for a patent on his heavy stitch jeans, but he partnered with Levi Strauss, who did. Overtime, heavy stitch jeans have evolved. We now have different styles and designs on jeans. For instance, you can buy embellished jeans today. Some are embroidered jeans. Some are rhinestone jeans and many other glitzy jeans are on store shelves today.

Different cuts of jeans are available today too, such as the midrise jeans for young women and curvy jeans for women with more curves than women with less curves. No matter what your body type is though, women can find the best fitting heavy stitch jeans on store shelves. Of course, men still wear Levi jeans today too.
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