Need Tips on Buying Engagement Rings?

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Engagement rings have a rich history. Beginning in Ancient Egypt, they were given to symbolize a never ending cycle surrounding a gateway. In second century Rome, brides received two engagement rings. The gold ring was worn in public, and an iron ring was worn at home during household chores. Though diamonds are now considered the most popular engagement ring material, they did not become common until the 1400s. Gold, however, has been used throughout history to symbolize opulence. Early worked gold objects have been found dating back to 4000 B.C. and have been used to decorate tombs and houses of worship around the world. More than 152,000 metric tons have been mined throughout world history.

It’s no surprise, given the thousands of years during which engagement rings have been of extreme significance, that many men and women feel a little intimidated about buying engagement rings. Though tips on buying engagement rings are ubiquitous, it’s hard to sort out the good advice on buying an engagement ring from the bogus stuff. Here we’ll provide some buying an engagement rings tips that you can count on.

Tips on Buying Engagement Rings

  1. Get an eye for style. Whether you’re choosing to surprise your significant other or are picking a ring together, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Look at a few designer diamond engagement rings online to get a feel for what kinds of settings are out there and, if possible, find out which ones appeal to your sweetheart.
  2. Determine a price point. Many engagement rings tips neglect to factor in that diamond rings are costly investments. Decide how much you can spend before you go so that you aren’t easily convinced to purchase a ring you can’t afford.
  3. Know the four Cs. Tips on buying engagement rings usually mention these, but it can’t hurt to remind you.
    • Color: Colorless diamonds are the most highly valued and provide the most sparkle. It can be difficult to discern grade in a diamond that is colorless or near colorless, however.
    • Cut: The shape of a diamond and its number of facets are included in cut. Look for a diamond that isn’t flat and that doesn’t have too large a table, as these can cause a diamond to appear dull.
    • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity is determined by the number and location of its flaws under 10 power magnification.
    • Carat: A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. Though many engagement ring buyers are tempted to go with a full carat, it is often recommended to sacrifice a little carat weight in favor of better color and clarity. There is little difference to the eye between a .9 and 1 carat diamond, but a large difference in price.
  4. Notice what color jewelry your significant other usually wears. Gold bangle bracelets might indicate that yellow gold is a good option, while finely wrought silver necklaces mean that white gold is probably the best choice.

These tips on buying engagement rings are a great place to start your search. Get the most out of your search by finding a trustworthy jeweler who can help you find the perfect ring for your someone special. Good refereneces.

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  1. When in doubt, ask your person what they like. IT’s better than picking the wrong one.

  2. When in doubt, ask your person what they like. IT’s better than picking the wrong one.

  3. When in doubt, ask your person what they like. IT’s better than picking the wrong one.

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