Options for Military Moves

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Military families relocate an average of once every three years. One of the ways the government has found to make military moving easier on families is to assist with the moving expenses. There are a few options.

If you prefer not to load a single box into a truck, the government will handle the entire move for you, logistically and financially. This saves an enormous amount of legwork and planning on the part of the families involved, and can be a welcome relief from what is easily a stressful situation overall. However, government-procured moves are on a tight timeframe with little flexibility. And some personnel are hesitant to trust their valuables to hired movers in the first place.

Another option presented by the government is Do-It-Yourself military moving (DITY), where the family is responsible for the packing, loading, hauling, and unpacking, but the government still foots 95% of the bill. DITY reimbursement covers truck/trailer rental; gas, oil, and tolls; and packing materials, including handtrucks and packing blankets. DITY military moving timeframes are also far more lenient than government-handled moves.

But perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of DITY military moving is the fact that, done right, a family can actually turn a profit. With a little bit of thrifty planning and willingness to do a lot of hard work, the 95% reimbursement can easily cover the cost of the move with money to spare. The government bases its reimbursement costs off a specific military Dity move calculator. If a military family can perform the same work for less money, they get to keep the difference.

The United States military knows that life in the Armed Forces can be especially hard on the families of service members. So when a Permanent Change of Station is ordered, the Transportation Office is more than happy to present families with whatever options will make the transition easier on everyone. Helpful research also found here.

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  1. I don’t get how the U.S. government is okay with this happening. It’s a lot like stealing, and I’m not saying the families don’t deserve it, but it seems like the Military would stop this kind of thing pretty quick.

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