Sell Your Home Fast!

Jackson hole property

Sell your home quickly and move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

That is the best advice on buying a home I have ever received. I moved to Jackson Hole five years ago, because Bloomberg named it one of the best places to do business for seven straight years. My store was becoming a little stagnant, so I thought of my friends advice, “sell your home quickly,” and thought I would try my hand with one of the Jackson hole ranches for sale.

I never thought I would see the day that I was looking into buying a luxury home, let alone one in the same neighborhood as Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, and Dick Cheney, but I suppose life is full of strange surprises. My son was six years old when we moved, and he was going through an elk phase.

I am not exactly sure what brought his love for elk, but he was overjoyed to discover that Jackson Hole is nearby the National Elk Refuge, which is largest elk preserve of North America. 90,000 elk spend their winters there.

My wife, an avid skier, was also surprisingly eager when I told her that my buddy said, “sell your home quickly.” When I told her about all of the great high end log homes of Jackson Hole, I had her attention. When I told her that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will be in our backyard, and has one of the lower base elevations of any ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, standing at 6,311 feet, I had her consent.

So, I pay it forward, sell your home quickly…especially if you own a business. There is no corporate state income tax, personal state income tax, or inventory tax in Wyoming. There is only a 4 percent sales tax and optional 2 percent tax. That was the most exciting part about the move for me.

Sell your home quickly, friends, and move to Jackson Hole. Who knows what opportunities are awaiting you?

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  1. This is sound advice for business owners. The taxes are so low, you cannot help but make money!

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