Treatment For Cannabis Dependency

How to kick weed addiction

A three year study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology followed 4,045 people without psychosis, and came to the conclusion that marijuana smokers are three times more likely to develop psychotic symptoms than non marijuana smokers. Although marijuana is still classified as a controlled substance under federal law, 13 states actually allow medical marijuana use. Cannabis addiction treatments exist all over America, and people can enroll in them any time they want.

Nevertheless, many people in America still have trouble with marijuana addiction, which begs the question, is marijuana addictive? Many people believe that marijuana addicts are addicted habitually and not physically. For example, in contrast to heroin or cigarettes, craving is the most common symptom reported by former marijuana users in their first days of abstinence. There are no physical afflictions like sickness, tremors, or illness like what occurs when opiate addicts quit cold turkey.

Roughly half of all people who try to quit smoking pot report withdrawal symptoms including mood swings, irritability or anxiety, and others report aggression, nervousness and loss of concentration. The symptoms differ from person to person, but overall learning how to quit smoking pot is the best way to avoid the negative effects of withdrawal, which occur within three days of abstinence, and can last for several months. If you believe you are addicted to marijuana, you should contact a cannabis addiction treatment facility and see if you can kick the habit.

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  1. I don’t believe in cannabis addiction, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t really think people can be addicted to pot. You can smoke it a lot, but quitting is no problem, you won’t go through withdrawal.

  2. Pot smoking is a mental habit. You get set in smoking pot regularly and it becomes part of your life, like a habit. Then quitting is hard, but it’s not like heroin or cigarettes, where you get sick if you don’t have them.

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