What is There to Do in Rochester, NY?

Did you know that Rochester, NY is known as the Festival City? This is because there are countless things to do in Rochester. Events in Rochester take place nearly every day, and there is always something to do year-round. While there are many Rochester NY events taking place in the upcoming days, weeks, and months, the following are just a few of the most featured current and future events.

1. Huckleberry Swamp Family Festival. This is a recurring event that returns on the third September of every year. This year, it falls on September 20th. At this event, attendees can walk the trails of Huckleberry Swamp, enjoy family-friendly games and crafts, and kids can even get their faces painted. The festival is free to attend.

2. Family Climbing. If you have ever been interested in indoor rock climbing, this event might “peak” your curiosity. Located at 1044 University Avenue, families can learn effective rope holding and climbing skills. This is an ongoing event, and admission is 35 dollars.

3. The Gender Show. This event runs until October 13, 2013. It is located in the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, and a museum admission is required to attend. At this event, attendees are presented with 150 photographs in order to explore how gender has historically been represented on film.

Rochester New York events occur daily, and there is always something for everyone to do. Whether you want to experience rock climbing, a family festival, a gender show, or any other type of event, you will be able to find what you are looking for. By attending one of these Rochester NY events, you can experience all that Rochester has to offer. See more: rochesterevents.net


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  1. Yeah these events sound ok. Are there any more of them there diversity festivals going on? I know they had the Puerto Rican fest and I heard about the Irish fest, are there any more of those coming up even though summer is just about over?

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